Next Steps

___Step 1:        Review your utility bill.
                   What is your average use in kilowatts per day? __________
                   What is your kilowatt use per month? __________
                   What is the charge per kilowatt? __________

___Step 2:        Call Utility Company  
>Request “Interconnection Agreement” to be mailed to you. The 1978 Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA)requires Utilities to allow you to connect to the grid.

___Step 3:        County and/or Local Jurisdiction Zoning Permit
>  If no zoning code specific for 'residential wind generator' exists, then request a building permit for an  “Accessory Structure” (Fees apply)
>  Include a copy of the wind turbine or solar system "Owner’s Manual" with the building permit application so that reviewers can use it to answer all their questions.
>  Include a copy of your "Interconnection Agreement" request.  
The home or business owner may apply for this type of building permit. You are very likely to be the first in the County to request a permit for your system. Your personal touch as a "citizen" will go a long way rather than a contractor doing it for you. (Doing it yourself save you some money too!)  PWE can assist you in obtaining permits. (Fees Apply)

An electrical permit will be required once the building permit is approved. Typically, a Master Electrician must  apply for this permit in your behalf.  Trenching and wiring must be completed prior to the electrical inspector's visit.  

___Step 4:       Purchase wind energy system from Potomac Wind Energy 
Refer to current price list. Subject to change without notice.                              
Call: 1-877-789-3737 or 301-252-0078
Payment schedule: >    1/3 of total cost is due at contract ratification;
                            >    1/3 of total cost due at installation and laying of concrete foundation;
                            >    1/3 of total cost due at turbine commission.

___Step 5:       Installation and Maintenance
Before installation, read all manuals and fill out the Warrantee Card and return to the manufacturer. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment to off-load materials when shipped to you.
Thank you for caring about the environment, one backyard at a time!